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Photoshop Manipulation Blog is the best blog for you to choose as a guideline to follow how to edit your photo. There are many simple tutorials I create for you and not take a your time to read the steps ...


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Issues and Problems

I'm very sorry, if my tutorials or my photos edited make you feel down and cross your sensitivity. I try to improves or change it directly if I think the photos can make a controversy ...

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Step 1

Open up the photo that you wish to change into a drawing.

open photo you wish to change to a line drawing.

Step 2

Duplicate the image in the layers palette.

duplicate layer

Step 3

With the new layer selected you need to desaturate the image. To do this go to Image > adjustments > desaturate. Or choose Shift Apple U / Shift+Ctrl+U.

desaturate the image

Step 4

Duplicate this modified layer. You should now have a colour background layer and 2 desaturated layers above.

Step 5

Select the top layer and invert the image. To do this go to Image > Adjustments and choose Invert or press Ctrl+I / Apple I.

Invert Image

Step 6

With the top layer still selected (the inverted layer) choose ‘Colour Dodge’ from the layers pallete drop down menu. (This will make most of the image turn white)

change the layer mode to colour dodge

the canvas will turn white at this stage

Step 7

We now need to apply a Gaussian blur to the newly white layer to allow parts of the layer underneath to show through. Select the top layer and choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

Choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur

Step 8

Move the slider up and down to find what level suits your picture. The setting for this is often somewhere between 1 and 3 but will depend on how complex your original image is.

Gaussian blur settings to create a line drawing

Step 9
To tidy up the image use the Dodge and Burn tools to clean up the image. The Dodge tool will lighten the pencil marks, the burn tool darken them.

Dodge and burn tools

I am going to use the dodge tool on the Coke can image to tidy up the background around the can.

Neaten up the image using the dodge and burn tools

Original photo

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