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Photoshop Manipulation Blog

Photoshop Manipulation Blog is the best blog for you to choose as a guideline to follow how to edit your photo. There are many simple tutorials I create for you and not take a your time to read the steps ...


This blog organize by Azli from Penang, Malaysia. I'm try to give a best tutorial with simple step for you to follow it. If you have a problem, about the tutorials or step you can comment directly at my box comment below the tutorial. Hopefully I can help you. Thanks ...


Thanks to all because give your time to view my blog. The blog always update by admin everyday. If you want to see a new tutorials, this is the best website for you to see everyday. If you want to share your own idea, you can leave a comment and give your address website ...


Thanks for all visitor especially my beloved friend Miss Jiji who always supported me whatever I doing. Thanks, also to my family and visitor. Click at the promote ads as a point you all supported me, Thanks ...

Issues and Problems

I'm very sorry, if my tutorials or my photos edited make you feel down and cross your sensitivity. I try to improves or change it directly if I think the photos can make a controversy ...

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Hai everyone from Malaysia or other countries. If you want interested to order edit pictures from Photoshop Manipulation, we can provide the services.

Terms and Condition.

1. For local (Malaysian) or Another Countries,if you like to order picture and 
    print it.

2. We can send the photo only take 3 days after you pay the service via     
     Money Bank In.

3. For customer, you also can tell what style of edit you wanted. 
    For example: Remove Background and Increase the Brightness.

 4. The price can negotiable depends your photo size and types of 
      manipulation you want.

 5. If you want to print picture independently, we can negotiate to cut the 

6. For customers live outside from Malaysia, you can use Western Union 
    Service for transfer  the money.

7. If you want to Photoshop Manipulation print and send the picture to 
    your  country, maybe takes 2 weeks for send it.

 8. If you want have any question please send your email to or add me at Facebook

Example Photo Edit:


Step 1

Firstly, login your email
Step 2

Then, click Compose Email Button
Step 3

Click Attachmen Button > Attach Files
Step 4

Find your photo at your computer. Then click OPEN.
Step 5

Wait your file loading..When the file finish loading... > click SEND..OK your file already send to me.

Hi today I would like to show you a simple tutorial.
Final Image
Step 1 Open the finger photo.
Step 2 Using a Quick Selection Tool, copy the image.
Step 3 For the Layer 1, copy the layer, Ctrl + J for 4x. So you have 4 layer copy.
Step 4 Then re size the layer 1 photo. Ctrl + T. Then Enter.
Step 5 Repeat step for every finger.
Step 6 Using a soft eraser. Size 21 px
Step 7 Retouch it at every finger. So, you finger look more smooth like a real.
Step 8 Find a baby picture. Crop a baby mouth.
Step 9 Paste at finger layer. Then re-size it.
Step 10 With a same step, using a soft eraser size 65 px, retouch around a mouth. So you can see like this:
Final Image

Just For Fun

Final Image
Original Image
Step 1 Find a muscles builder photo.
Step 2 Crop using Polygonal Lasso Tool.
Step 3 Paste at finger layer. Re-size it. Just press Ctrl + T.
Step 4 Click at eraser tool.
Step 5 Choose a soft brush. 65 px.
Step 6 Clean and retouch.
Step 7 Go to Image > Adjustment > Brightness/Contrast
Final Image

Hi today I would like to show you a simple and fast step how to change your face to old.
Final Image
Original Image
Step 1 Open the picture then find a old man photo from Google Image.
Step 2 Using a Lasso Tool crop the old man photo. Like this:
Step 3 At old man layer, press Ctrl + T to re-size the image. Then ENTER.
Step 4 Then, at the same layer, change mode to Multiply.
Step 5 At the same later, go to Edit > Transform > Warp
Step 6 Using a Soft Eraser size 100, 200 or 300 px. Retouch it. You also must retouch at eyes and mouth.
Step 7 Go to Image > Adjustment > Brightness/Contrast & Vibrance. Setting depends your photo color. Note: Old skin - must be dark compare a original photo.
Step 8 For neck, same step, just crop the old man neck photo, the change mode to Multiply.
Final Image

Firstly you must find a old paper texture at Google Images.

Original Photo

Final Image

Step 1

Open the picture and old paper texture. Example for Old Paper Texture like this:

Step 2

Then, Ctrl + A your photo, then press Ctrl + X (cut) and Ctrl + V at photo texture layer. See:

Step 3

Desaturate the your photo. Go to Image > Adjustment > Desaturate or press Shift + Ctrl + U for shortcut. After desaturate you can see your photo like black and white photo. Like this:

Step 4

Change the your photo mode to Multiply.

Step 5

If you want to re-size your photo size press Ctrl + T then Enter.

Step 6

Using a Eraser Tool > choose Spatter and change the brush size to 143 px.

Step 7

Retouch at your photo line frame. See the example:

Step 8

Go to Filter > Artistic > Smudge Stick

Step 9

Duplicate the background. Click at background layer then choose Duplicate Layer.

Step 10

Click at background and right click Delete a background. So now you only have a Background copy.

Step 11

Click at Layer 1 (Your photo), right click > Merge Down. Now, you only have only one layer.

Step 12

Go to Edit > Transform > Warp. Then drag your photo like this. If you this not satisfied, just press Ctrl + Alt + Z for Undo. Then click Enter.

Step 13

You can retouch at paper line using Eraser Tool. Finish and Save it.

Final Image